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UNLAWFUL 'Treatment' program for 'Convicted Sex Offenders in Australia

The Denier's Treatment Program was designed to ensure that no man convicted on a sexual allegation could successfully appeal the conviction, due to it creating a perceived admission of guilt by merely participating in the program. This draconian program is at once unlawful and discriminatory whereas it is forced upon ONLY men convicted of ONLY sex offenses. It is not required for women convicted of a sex offense, nor is it required for men who are convicted in trial on any other class of offense.

SHORT VERSON : My Trial Transcript (Unlawful Trial, Perth, Western Australia)

This is an edited version of the video ("Beyond Hardship" below) in which I share my trial transcript, demonstrating the horrible, unjust, cruel circumstances of being forced to stand trial alone, without legal representation or legal knowledge in Perth, Western Australia during the week of 8 - 12 August 2011.

Salem’s Ghost: Letter to Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop 15 February 2015
Published on Mar 10, 2019

John Victor Ramses reads emotional letter written to Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, on 15 February 2015 while in Acacia Prison, Western Australia.
This letter most encompasses what Ramses endured under the Western Australia Legal System.

Salem's Ghost: "Beyond Hardship" - My Trial Transcript and Inquistion.

In this video Number 3m John Victor Ramses reads from his trial transcript, which depicts the deplorable, unjust conditions of the so-called 'Trial' he was subjected to in Western Australia during the week of 8 August to 12 August 2011. This video also explains where the term "Salem's Ghost" originated with respect to the trial and proceedings leading to trial.

This video has been the hardest so far, emotionally to create, having to re-live those terrible times far from home. But this video also provides strong argument for abolishing the "Automatic Registry" program where the USA assumes that the 'trial; and 'conviction' of a US citizen in a foreign country is fair and just and therefore carried over upon said citizen's eventual arrival home to America

READING: A Condemned Father 's Letter to his Daughter (July 24, 1628)

Every father (and sometimes mother) imprisoned on a False Allegation will identify with the last words of Johannes Junius in a desperate letter to his daughter, Veronica. Although such torture devices as used during the age of witch trials are no more (as far as is known), the psychological torture is commensurate with the physical pain. Being threatened, intimidated, frightened to plea guilty to a crime one did not commit is still commonplace in our modern police interrogation room, in secret.

Salem's Ghost Special Segments - The Prison Years

"Prison Years" 1

Salem’s Ghost Special – "Prison Years" 1 - Mr. STUART WILLIAM DUGAN - Death of a Friend in Custody:
Published Mar 15, 2019

"Prison Years" is a special segment of Salem's Ghost series where I share my experiences in Acacia Prison, Western Australia, from 2012 to the end of 2017. This includes excerpts from my journals, and of course, the men I came to know well and some whom I came to call friend.

Video Letters To My Daughter (YouTube)

Video Letter to My Daughter - #1

This is the first of my video letters to my daughter, Amanraya Ramses, somewhere in Australia, and whom I have not seen since 30 June 2010. I am publishing these videos in hopes she will find them, learn the truth of why I never came back, and hopefully she will find me. I've tried all else to find her.

My Short Film: "Ten Ten" For My Daughter

Happy Birthday, Amy.....wherever you are. -- Daddy.

My Short Film: "Love Carved In Stone" For My Daughter

20 years ago before flying to Australia to marry your future mother, I had carved our names on a stone on a low wind-swept hill in Manti Utah, among colosal stones once likely set in place by Giants in an age before the whole earth had been flooded. Now, 20 years and one day after carving mine and your mum's name on a stone, I set out to try and find it again.... as part of the love story of how you came to be born.

Ghost Radio Australia Archives (2006-2009) YouTube)

Ghost Radio Network, with its talk program Underworld Show, operated between April 1, 2006 (Launch) and December 9, 2009 (Last Show). There were a total of 150+ interviews conducted with our excellent guests during that era. Thought lost, the archives of those excellent shows have been found or recovered by John Victor Ramses, the creator and producer of Ghost Radio, Underworld Show and Haunted Australia web site. They are being posted to YouTube for both memories as well as the often fascinating subject matter and guests we knew and interviewed. Moreover, they are for John's daughter, Amanraya - for her keepsake from a time when her parent's love for each other was paramount.
Diana Davison - Advocate for the Wrongly Convicted
Diane Davison
Betitina Arndt - Australian Men's Advocate
Bettina Arndt
Daisey Cousens - Australian Commentator
Daisey Cousens
Sydney Watson - Australian-American Commentator
Sydney Watson
Andrew Bolt - Australian - The Bolt Report
Andrew Bolt
Douglas Ducote - American Patriot - Commentator
Douglas Ducote

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