Constutional Right of All US citizens

November 3, 2019


Would you accept a conviction of one of your citizens who was tried in a country that has no Bill of Rights?
Including: right to a lawyer, right of due process?

Would you accept a conviction from said such country where the accused had been forced to face trial without legal counsel or legal knowledge - and against his stated desire to do so?

On 1 July 2010 I was accused of sexual assault by my former wife shortly following a divorce in order to prevent me from seeking access rights to my ten year old daughter via Family Court (Australia).

On that accusation, I was arrested off the rest, charged and jailed in Hakea Maximum Remand Prison.

I pleaded not guilty, and had significant evidence to prove the accusations had been fabricated, and for what motive.

I had spent the next full year awaiting trial.

Legal Aid funding for legal representation had been denied twice. Pro lawyers wanted between $35,000 and $50,000 to begin, which I did not have. I was a US citizen now utterly alone in Australia following divorce of my wife of 11 years.

As trial aproached, I became more and more anxious, indeed, terrified that I would be made to stand trial alone without counsel or legal aknowledge. I wrote and phoned my US consulate several times and once wrote to the US Ambassador to intervene on my behalf to request Australia grant me legal counsel for trial. They could not get involved.

As a result, I was made to stand trial in Western Australia for five terrible days without any legal knowledge on any aspect of trial proceedings, rules, and law of evidence. It was unbelievable to me that I would have been subjected to such abuse.

Australia has no Bill of Rights. There is no guarantee of due process or right to counsel for indigent persons. Australia, I would learn, has a nasty history of putting people to trial without legal representation (Carmen Lawrence, 2006). There is no right to evidence or witnesses.

During trial I was prevented from cross-examining the complainant. Thus, no challenge to her statement before the jury was made by me. I was prevented from putting in certain relavant evidence while other vital evidence had been deliberately withheld by the prosecution.

I at last suffered and mental and emotional break down and was unable to function through the remaining two days of trial.

Although I had pleaded with the judge routinely regarding my ineptness, and although the judge knew I was wholly incapable of defending myself in a foreign court and trial, said judge still allowed the trial to conclude in a "conviction".

*** Please see my YouTube video where I read key sections of my transcript from that sinister 'trial'.

I was sentenced to 6 and a half years in an Australian prison - the number of years until my daughter turned 18 (when the State would no longer concern themselve with her.

On 31 December 2017 I was deported from Australia back to my home country, The United States of America, landing in my home-town of Salt Lake City on New Year's Day 2018.

I had learned that I was now required to register for on the US Sex Offender's Registry. Australia had stipulated that I remain on the registry 15 years (although the US requires only 10 years).

My Constitutional Right:

The 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America forbids any loss of liberty, or punishment, to any citizen of the United States, without first applying reasonable due process to determine guilt in an alleged crime.

Therefore, before any US citizen can be placed on any Registry in the United States, as a result of a 'conviction in a foreign country, (in particular, Australia) it must first be determined in a US court of law whether said foreign proceedings, investigation and trial was, by US law, fair and just.

In my case, there is signifacnt evidence to the contrary, as well as evidence demonstrating that members of my Australian wife's wealthy, infuential family 'pulled strings' to ensure that I would not be acquitted.

Under no circumstance of the Law and Constitution in the United States would the 'trial' I was subjected to in Australia be considered reasonal or capable of sustaining a conviction.

I am seeking legal representation here in the United Stated to put my case before a US court to determine the adequacy of the Australian proceedings and trial where I hope a ruling will decalre the Australian trial unfair and inadequate.

Such a rulng by a US court would be cause to remove me from the strict Registry requirements where I can then pursue an appeal to the High Court of Australia to overturn the conviction.


Links: My YouTube Video Statements:

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READING on YOUTUBE: Letter to Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop (Feb 15, 2015) .















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