Anti-man atmosphere in Australia poses unacceptable risks for men residing in or visiting Australia. If you are accused of a sex crime (and even looking at a woman is a crime if she reports that she felt threatened by you) you will be arrested and jailed without investigation or further ado. You will have a long road ahead of you and the courts always privelege the accuser. Know the facts about Australia before visiting, or it could be years before you come home again. Western Australia is especially dangerous to be a man, husband, father, son - - a male.

I watched helplessly as the powerful Feminist movement in Australia took first my wife, then my family and finally me - ending the marriage, and my life. I loved my wife, love my family, loved being a father, husband and family man. Those titles are now all but outlawed in Australia.

The United States cannot accept any trial verdict against a US Citizen without first holding a hearing to determine whether the proceedings were fair and offered its accused citizen every opportunity to prove his innocence.

If You are accused in Australia, you will be sent to trial and convicted in thier trial by thier jury. After sentence has been completed, you will be deported and AUTOMATICALLY placed on a national sex offender registry in your home country of the United States, whereby continuing the punishment as ordained by the foreign country. It violates our Constitutional Right to be heard and have a fair trial, to put evidence and witnesses, before any punishment can be implimented.

Below are just a few of the videos wihich point out our men and fathers are treated in Australia AND the attitude of the government and most media toward American who dare to support men in any fashion.

My daughter, Amanraya, wherever you are.... This is why you lost your daddy..... I was taken from you.


Cassie Jaye and Andrew Bolt on SkyNews (Australia)
Sky News host Andrew Bolt felt he had to apologise to US film-maker Cassie Jaye for the behaviour of the media following two 'aggressive and hostile interviews'. Speaking on the Bolt Report, Ms Jaye said other media had never treated her the way Network Seven's Sunrise and Network Ten's The Project did.
'I have never been treated like I have on Sunrise and The Project,' Ms Jaye said
She said she was deeply disappointed in how she had been treated.
Andrew Bolt hit out at the network's, apologising to Ms Jaye for coming into an 'intolerant country like Australia'.
'Something serious has gone wrong in our culture and I apologise,' Mr Bolt said.
'It didn't used to be that way. I'm very sorry you've run smack into it.

ABC Hack Live - What a crap show! Cassie Jaye made the right move staying away from this stacked show with all the experts in the audience pushing a feminist perspective. Just look at the job they did on Karen Straughan, editing down her two-hour plus interview to a few provocative statements. The ABC (Australian Broadcast Corporation) showed their true colours and Cassie was well off out of it Ė Bettina Arndt.

Bettina Arndt talks to Augusto Zimmermann about laws ruining men.
Discuusing Auistralia's laws that are increasingly favouring women and threatening men with jail. WA police admits having to err on the side of the woman / mother. An accusation of verbal abuse against a partner is cnsidered domestic violence. No investigation is made to determine facts. Accusations "are becomeing an industry."

[**During my trial, where I had to cross-examine my former wife in person, due to not being provided with a lawyer, I finally suffered an emotional breakdown and called my wife a 'bitch' in front of the jury. I accused her of stealing my daughter. In Western Australia that was enough to find me guilty. (See excerpts of actual trial transcript HERE. **]

Bettina talks on Sky News to former Australia parliamentarians Mark Latham and Ross Cameron about recent alarming developments further tilting laws on domestic violence to favour alleged victims. She argues that, as in the United Sates, ordinary men in her country are realizing they are being treated as second class citizens and are using the ballot box to rebel against politicians contributing to the anti-male culture.


A Siege on Western Civilisation | Andrew Boltís reaction to ABCís Q & A | ANU rejects Study of West.

"Hey, True Blue" - John Williamson

Daughter, wherever you are - You were conceived and born from your American father and Aussie mother during a time when our love was paramount, when Australia was still 'True Blue! , when America and Australia were best friends and harboured a deep respect for each other. That was 1999. I left my home and all I knew to travel to Australia for love - carrying your seed and a dream in my heart to that land down under, "Somewhere over the rainbow where dreams you dare to dream really do come true". All of it was borne into you, before the fall in a post-911 world, preserved and safe. Remember who you ARE. Not what the trends and propaganda hope you'll become.




Diana Davison - Advocate for the Wrongly Convicted
Diana Davison
Betitina Arndt - Australian Men's Advocate
Bettina Arndt
Daisey Cousens - Australian Commentator
Daisey Cousens
Sydney Watson - Australian-American Commentator
Sydney Watson
Andrew Bolt - Australian - The Bolt Report
Andrew Bolt
Douglas Ducote - American Patriot - Commentator
Douglas Ducote

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