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Where We Began - Articles in Witchcraft Magazine and Golden Age Magazine (1999) about the phenomena 11:11 and how we met.

Song: "Weekend Daddy" (Mentioned in Not On My Life)

Song: Climbing Bridges Written in Hakea Prison after sentencing, 2011

What Australia Day Means To Me (Now) Written in Acacia Prison

IMAGINE THIS...Written in Acacia Prison


Written by John Victor Ramses, Acacia Prison, Australia

 An Aboriginal prisoner, Mr. Terrance "Bull" Dann, told me a story in 2015, shortly after he arrived to Acacia Prison. It reminded me of how close Australia and America once were, so much so, that the whole of the outback had gone silent at the moment when the September 11 attacks occurred in the United States. Mr. Dann had been a younger cowboy, mustering cattle on the Auvergne Station, Northern Territory, following a break-up with his wife. It had just happened to be September 11, 2015 when I met him and he told me this story. I was so touched and inspired that I would spend the next several weeks writing a screenplay for a short film, as it had unfolded in my mind while he spoke.

I invite you to read:
I hope the story touches you as it did me.



Diana Davison - Advocate for the Wrongly Convicted
Diana Davison
Betitina Arndt - Australian Men's Advocate
Bettina Arndt
Daisey Cousens - Australian Commentator
Daisey Cousens
Sydney Watson - Australian-American Commentator
Sydney Watson
Andrew Bolt - Australian - The Bolt Report
Andrew Bolt
Douglas Ducote - American Patriot - Commentator
Douglas Ducote

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